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Lew Moorman

“If you’ve never missed a plane, you’ve spent too much time at the airport.”  - George Stigler

This blog is an attempt clarify my own thoughts on the world, improve my writing as well as save my friends from my annoying rants.  I am going to try to do a bi-weekly editorial of my own creation - each under 1000 words. I will also share links to other ideas I think are worth reading - usually from other non full-time thinkers who are picking up their insights by building things - businesses, non-profits, etc.  I am interested in new ideas that can have a material impact on our biggest problems but take full account of trade-offs and unintended consequences often neglected. Politics will be in the mix, and I will surely offend all sides as I view most partisan orthodoxy as being hamstrung by the inertia of times passed.

I co-founded a software fund in San Antonio called Scaleworks.  This blog has nothing to do with it. I am in the process of kicking off a number of other projects that are more socially focused.  If you are early in your career and want to help, contact me.

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