Good Reads - mid Jan 2019

  1. EconTalk is one of my favorite podcasts. Here’s a good summary of the top episodes although it leaves out my favorite episode: a fascinating look at the rise of opioids with Sam Quinones.

  2. The biggest issue this week no one is talking about is the LA teacher’s strike. The LA system is shrinking and pretty ineffective. Is it class sizes, teacher pay, overall underfunding - or a bad system perpetuated by the union? We better figure it out as this issue is due to spread nationwide.

  3. The best selling truck in the world is going electric.

  4. Bob Lefsetz praises the greatest show ever, The Sopranos, and laments the rise of the new white collar gangsters.

  5. Must read small book. Tribe by Sebastian Junger. “Why do large scale disasters produce such mentally healthy conditions?”

  6. In praise of Judith Rich, the amateur psychologist who made the biggest impact on parenting advice by showing how little impact they really have. It’s the peers who exert the influence.