Good Reads - Early October

  1. I love Arnold Kling’s short book The Three Languages of Politics. Russ Roberts does a nice review and adds his own 3 blindspots for the major political traditions—liberal, conservative and libertarian.

  2. Nina Teicholz breaks down the new report on beef and health…and the issues with most food studies.

  3. Women are crushing men in college achievement. Can’t help but think the long term impacts of this will be profound.

  4. More ethanol, more corn, more lunacy. A once good intention of the environmental movement has turned out to be an entrenched ill for the sake of politics.

  5. Where are we located in the Milky Way? Always shocking when reminded: our galaxy is one of hundreds of billions…and alone over 100,000 light years wide.

  6. Great overview of Peter Thiel, Rene Girard and Mimetic Theory. “Imitation draws people together. Then, it pulls them apart like an ocean riptide.”