Good Reads - Late March 2019

  1. Daniel Kahneman lays out why we don’t want to be happy, we want to be satisfied—and helps explain why social media makes us miserable.

  2. Why calories are all wrong. I still think the best (short and practical) read on the science of sugar and fats (and exercise) is Art De Vaney’s early book on the subject.

  3. Democratic California Gavin Newsom can’t get environmentalists on his side for controlling fires. Yes, it involves doing what nature used to do—controlled burning.

  4. Saudi Arabia’s “reformer” (and murderous) Crown Prince has a real problem—a terrible economy and little way out.

  5. Coleman Hughes on the ill-conceived but well-intentioned idea of reparations.

  6. Scott Sumner on the sins of the modern left and right in America. A good lead in to my piece this week.