Good Reads - Late April 2019

  1. Warren Buffet has said he would avoid states with huge underfunded pensions since massive taxes are coming. Well here they are (bad news for New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut - and more).

  2. Steve Ballmer’s public service site USAFacts is good fun click around to find out all about the US - the people, the economy and the government.

  3. Who Killed Lard? Bad science and Crisco! Will it return?

  4. Do most medical treatments work? A great listen on the data (no) and implications.

  5. I have never heard of a small farmer that likes the farm bill. But massive industrial farms love it. The case to kill this $20 billion behemoth.

  6. Bob Lefsetz nails the Mueller Report and this political moment. In short, “we’ve got outrage fatigue.”