Good Reads - Mid May 2019

  1. A 90-second optimistic video on the roots of our deep partisanship. In short, it has happened before and is part of our collective sorting of new issues in a changing world.

  2. Plants absorb 20x the carbon humans emit (yes, they return most of it). Sounds like a good place to look for small changes to make a big impact on global warming.

  3. Why are eggs good for you…then bad for you? Because observational food studies are highly unreliable. And the press leaps on statistically irrelevant results.

  4. Essential read on a totally new approach to helping those in poverty. In short most of what we are doing is wrong (and clearly not working).

  5. Excited about a new highway widening project near you? Don’t be - it won’t work (at least not for long).

  6. How a professional gambler hacked Jeopardy. $1.7m of winnings in 22 days! It’s all about the Daily Doubles.