Good Reads - Mid July 2019

  1. Relevant to my post this week, a good profile on the great optimist Julian Simon who won perhaps the most famous wager of all time and proved that “human imagination is the ultimate renewable resource.”

  2. Great set of comments on the coming end of oil and the electrification of the economy.

  3. I have been learning a lot about retail and the mammoth essay What is Amazon? is hard to beat. Outlines the incredible rise of Amazon and describes their potential downfall. For business junkies.

  4. Brutal, over-the-top and profane takedown of how school is not evolving to the modern economy. “Technology is advancing at breakneck speed and you’ve got us sitting in grandpa’s iron school desk drilling flashcards on an iPad.”

  5. The case for being a medical conservative (i.e. less aggressive in treatment). And a comprehensive takedown of stents—one of the most common surgeries in America.

  6. Who kills more animals, meat eaters or vegans? It’s not as straightforward as you think.