Good Reads - Early September

  1. Rory Sutherland explains that free markets work because they are NOT efficient. Variation, failure and luck drive the breakthroughs.

  2. The case for defusing political arrogance—and ideas on how to do it. Moral certainty on all things political is a bipartisan disease for sure.

  3. The right harps on government waste (often correct), but always demand more for the military. Ask anyone in the service and they will point to massive waste, but the F-35 tops them all—$1.5 trillion.

  4. Top college majors in 2019 and trends from the past. Computers and business rule.

  5. I admit I like Malcolm Gladwell’s stories and theories…but check the data.

  6. In the things I worry about camp (but no one is talking about), we are selling way too many arms to way too many people—and they end up in strange places. It’s a terrible economic plan (but easy), and I fear will catch up to us, our allies, and enemies.